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Internship at the Grove, Elavon

May, 2016 – August, 2016

Worked for three months as User Interface/User Experience Intern on the UX team in the Grove, Elavon's innovation studio. Participated in Lean Agile development process in one of the product teams at the Grove. Designed user interfaces and validated the designs with “guerilla style” user research.

Work Content

My work included building a usable information architecture for the product team I was a part of. I produced an affinity diagram, for the team to expand on in the future, and an “information architecture starter” document that can help the team continue building the product.

Significant Contribution

Designing and implementing the first version of a component library in Axure for UX designers. This library will save time for the UX team on future interface designs by providing them with pre-built, generic elements such as buttons, dropdown lists, tables, etc. The gallery below shows examples of the design.

Screenshots of my component library